Why Konrath’s EAF library business won’t work

Link to Digital Reader article here.

EAF will do is make some chump change for a handful of bestselling authors. For the rest, it is essentially giving away their books for free, to be endlessly pirated. Libraries are not interested in the general masses of indie ebooks that have no track record, no vetting by recognized review sources like Lib. Jnl. and no significant number of patrons asking for them. That is no different than trad published books at the lower levels. Indies think librarians are prejudiced against them; no, librarians are against books that don’t have the credentials to warrant spending acquisitions money.

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The Scott Bradlee Post Modern Jukebox — Call Me Maybe

I love quirky and inventive music. Scott Bradlee and his troupe of amazin singers and musicians make cover versions of modern songs — but do it in a gin-joint, bluesy and jazz style straight out of the 1920’s. So much fun!

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Amazon adds new reviews menu. Here are my suggestions.

amazon reviewsUsing a new drop-down menu in a book’s review area, readers will now be able to rate our books on specifics including the level of sex/violence and the quality of writing. I have some suggestions for how Amazon should alter the reviews system, too.

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Introducing Della Stone, my sexy alter-ego

Della Stone writes sexy contemporary short stories and novellas. Her debut series is THE RIDGE, starting in April 2015. Imagine a wild and beautiful wilderness high atop a mountain in the Appalachian highlands of Georgia and North Carolina. Imagine a tinge of mystical fantasy there; it’s rumored to be haunted by the spirits of men who betrayed their lovers. Their redemption? To help and protect women who have given up on love.

The Ridge, Gillian and Kelt.

The Ridge 1 cvr 2

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Going Pro—Earning Rhino Skin & Learning Which Opinions Matter

Deborah Smith:

Another great blog from Kristen Lamb

Originally posted on Kristen Lamb's Blog:

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 1.15.18 PM

I heard somewhere that, statistically speaking, 10% of people will simply not like us, no matter what we do or how much we try. Whenever we decide to do something remarkable or even just different, this is when we’re most likely to encounter push-back.

Also, if we enjoy any measure of success or achievement, expect to be knifed. This is reality. We cannot control others, only ourselves and how we respond and what we choose to internalize. As writers, we’ll experience this with friends, family and even strangers.

Ah, strangers…

If I met someone and told them I was an HR manager, most people likely wouldn’t reply, “No I meant, what is your real job?”

I wouldn’t have to give a resume of all my accomplishments and proof I made money as an HR manager or even a roster of how many people I had in my charge. Yet, no one seems…

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helping out the cousin . . .

My cousin David S. Smith of Alabama writes Christian devotionals. He’s a retired salesman, so handselling his own books keeps his talents from rusting. Also, he’s not in it for the money, but for the sharing. Anyhoo, I design the covers and my husband does the interior formatting. Book one was God is Real and the new book is Every Day Is A Gift. Ebook and print, at Amazon.
Every Day Is A Gift

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Is Romance Devolving?—50 Shades vs. No One Puts Baby in a Corner

Deborah Smith:

A terrific post from Kristen Lamb about the 50 Shades phenom and its dark side. The commentary/discussion from Lamb’s followers (including yours truly) is also a smart and worthwhile read.

Originally posted on Kristen Lamb's Blog:

Image courtesy of Lisa Weidmeier WANA Commons. Image courtesy of Lisa Weidmeier WANA Commons.

I’d hoped I wouldn’t have to go here, but alas, here we are. Today, 50 Shades of Grey the MOVIE will open for…*record screech* Valentine’s Day. Nothing says I love you like predatory emotional manipulation, sociopathy, abuse and non-consensual sex acts.

Find THAT on a Hallmark card.

And yes, I know there have been other kinky books like this, but 50 Shades sold over 100 million copies and the movie (despite ZERO plot) is expected to gross in excess of $60 million which means I just threw up a little in my mouth this “story” has tipped from fringe to mainstream and that scares me more than a little bit.

No, I didn’t read the book. I don’t need to. Nor do I need to watch gang-rape prison porn to know it probably is unhealthy for the future of women (or even men)…

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